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Good Guys Security

In 1984, after getting married and needing a job, I had a interview at KFC. Not very happy about that, I flipped open the phone book and it opened to the A’s and there was ALARMS. I called the only one listed for the small town I lived in and asked if they were hiring; he said yes. I went there, filled out an application and was hired on the spot. I never went to the KFC interview. From there, I learned everything about the alarm industry thanks to Walt Bladh, the owner of the company.

I moved to Arkansas January 1, 1990 and went to work for several alarm companies, both big and small. I have never been fired from any of them, but have been through at least 8 company mergers and always went with the new buyer.

In 2006, I decided to open my own company because I could see that the customer was being lost with the big BIG companies. Customers were being charged too much, and with my years of experience and knowledge of all the alarm panels out there, I could offer them a better price and more personal service and still make a profit.

If I can monitor you for $10.99 and make a profit, how much are the others making at $30.00 -$35.00 per month??? RIP OFF.

P.O. Box 1211

Perryville, AR 72126

Phone: (501) 517-2365