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Community Cause

Reversing the Growing Trends of Child Maltreatment in Arkansas

Reports of child abuse and neglect in Arkansas have risen over recent years, and today more than 52,000 such reports are received yearly. Dickinson Insurance and Financial Services is deeply concerned that the number of children in our state suffering from abuse or maltreatment is on the rise, and we are launching a campaign to help reverse this disturbing trend.

Ambassadors for Children in Need of Help

Dickinson Insurance and Financial Services is now a recognized #AgentsofChange Regional Ambassador for the Little Rock area. Our goals during this campaign will be to provide relief and support to children who are overcoming physical or sexual abuse, to provide assistance to children entering or leaving the foster care system, and to encourage all the children in our community to stay in school and continue on to college.

Clearly, we have much to do, and there’s no way we can do it alone. We need your help.

You Can Help at No Cost

It won’t cost you anything to be part of this campaign. All we need is for you to invite your friends and family members to visit their nearest Dickinson Insurance and Financial Services office so we can share more information with them about this campaign. We will also offer them a free insurance consultation, and as a way of saying thank you, we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to an outreach program that works in support of abused and neglected children in our area.

Please Join our Team!

This is a chance for you and the people you love to make a positive impact in the lives of children in our community who desperately need help. Please join us, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Jason Dickinson

Dickinson Insurance and Financial Services

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