Forging Brighter Futures for Children in Our Community

Our goals during this campaign will be to provide relief and support to children who are overcoming physical or sexual abuse, to provide assistance to children entering or leaving the foster care system, and to encourage all the children in our community to stay in school and continue on to college.

That’s why for Dickinson Insurance & Financial Services’ next community cause campaign, our agency will continue to contribute towards our goal of ending child abuse; however, this campaign, we are focusing on Scholarship Funds! We are proud to fund some of the relief needed by children in our area to overcome abuse in their lives. Reports of child abuse and neglect in Arkansas have risen over recent years, and today, more than 52,000 such reports are received yearly. Here at Dickinson Insurance and Financial Services, we are committed to diminishing the rate at which children in our state are suffering from abuse or maltreatment.

“No child should have to grow up in an abusive household. We know education is the key to unlock a brighter future, and we need to help these suffering children find better opportunities in their lives,” says Jason Dickinson, agency owner.