Help Give Wings to An Inclusive Playground!

Ali Brionne was diagnosed with Infantile Batten disease on July 15, 2011. She is 1 of 200 known cases in the world. Ali was a perfectly healthy baby until the age of 4 when she began having seizures and began losing all of her abilities: walking, talking, using her hands, vision loss. Ali passed away on Sept 16, 2014.

Ali's mom felt that it was really tough and unfair that they had to stand on the sidelines with Ali, as they watched all the children play at the playground. Approximately 4,000 people in Pearcy, AR have some form of a disability. Ali's Angels, an organization dedicated to raising funds for research for Batten disease, has a goal: to build a playground that will allow children of all abilities to play and learn together.

We are raising funds to support Ali's Angels and their inclusive playground that will meet the needs of all forms of disabilities including physical, visual, and special needs!





We would also love to donate to this great cause on your behalf...

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